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At Celsius we know that streetwear can still mean quality and style clothing that allows you to show that you take your fashion and style seriously. What you wear on the streets defines you in others eyes and here at Celsius we know exactly what will define that statement at value prices that reflect the style name.


Like the different music cultures urbanwear has been closely tied to over the years this style of clothing is constantly evolving over time but we have our finger on the pulse here at Celsius and know exactly what the current trends are and where they are going so you know that you are current and making a fresh statement going forward. 


At Celsius we pride ourselves in our extensive range of high quality suiting. Whatever the occasion we have the smart dress to make you stand out in the crowd at prices you won't find elsewhere. 
We are only more than willing to help kit you out for that special day if this is a range of style you are not very used to.


At Celsius we believe casual doesn't have to be dull and boring, We think your clothes compliment your personality so just because you're not going for a big day or night out doesn't mean you should be diminishing that personality with mundane style. We have everything to ensure even when relaxing your style still speaks volumes about you.


Footwear for men is often a neglected item of clothing and not seen as nearly as important as it is for the fairer sex, but not here at Celsius, We know full well that footwear plays a huge role in completing the look, We have the right footwear to go with any style and make sure your footwear is not understated.


Denim is an iconic staple of style for so long and yet still never tires but denim doesn't have to mean bland. Quite the opposite, we have so many variants and styles of denim in-store that we guarantee that you will find something new and unique in our denim department each and every time you call in to see us

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